Great Break

The few days I’ve just been spending in Pennsylvania have given me plenty of time to think, and when I go home it’ll be for crunch time. During that time (Starting the day after tomorrow and going until the 26th of April) I will still be bloggingm but without features, and probably with slightly smaller posts. I’ve got to get work done. I hope you’ll all understand.

Who knows, I may not cut much down at all.

But I have words to hammer out for freelance. And now I have a reasonable schedule to keep.

I’m powering up on the break. It’s been three days without any fiction writing. And I think that could be the key. It’s a break longer than I’ve had in some time. I can’t claim to be tired when I get home. I can get back to work.

It’s all going to be fresh.

I’ll hammer out story upon story. It’s gonna rock.

All this waiting has made me eager to get back to it. And I will get back to it with a vengeance. Just like I did over five years ago when I did my first 12,000 word day ever. Then I’ll be charging off on the schedule I’ve devised.

And I’ll be on this blog every step of the way, letting you folks know how it goes. Hope you’re all adjusting well after the weekend and Easter if that applies. As for me, the time is fast approaching to strike.

* * *

Thought for the day: Sometimes it helps to get carried away.

Album of the day: Dio by Jorn
This one is a bunch of classic covers of songs from Ronnie James Dio’s career, as reproduced by the amazing metal solo artist, Jorn. Jorn also wrote the first song, a tribute to Ronnie James. It’s power metal, focused heavily on the great vocals and wild, out-there lyrics. Of all the tributes to Dio I’ve heard, and there have been quite a few, I think this is my favorite. Opeth’s song, “Slither” might come in second for quality, but Jorn does such a great job with this one I don’t want to make it a competition. It wouldn’t be fair. People have said Jorn is a sometimes disappointing band because the songwriting doesn’t often hold up to the skill level. That’s been my experience to an extent as well, but on Dio most of the songs were written for bands like Black Sabbath or Rainbow, so that’s no issue here for fans of those. And the first song (the only non-cover) is still close to my favorite, so its pretty much a sweep.


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