I stayed up late last night, so even with plenty of sleep in between I’m still yawning.

Today is my day off work on freelance projects, as much by necessity as anything else. I have a break, and I’m going to spend at least some of it writing. The novel that’s been on hold during my freelance writing needs more work. And I’ve got to plan serious editing for the novella I wrote last autumn. This feels so good, I should schedule one of these every week, though maybe not on Wednesday.

In either case, I’ve been much more productive lately, thanks to my deadlines closing in. What a curse I bear, that I can’t seem to work without impending punishment if I fail. But I got everything done and I’m doing just fine now.

My mind is wandering already. I’m not positive if there is anything else to say, and as I said, I’m up late so work is calling.

But that alone is awesome. I’m happy work is calling me, because its been a while since that has happened.

* * *

Thought for the day: Busy can sometimes means happy.

Album of the day: Terria by Devin Townsend
The words: ‘angry’ and ‘beautiful’ describe a lot of the earlier Devin Townsend albums, and Terria is no exception. The album took me on an interesting journey, where I wasn’t sure how much I liked it the first few listens, until I realized how awesome it felt to go from first song to last. Powerful metal, though still definitely not my favorite Devin Townsend album.


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