Brainstorm: Chaos + Delusion = !

Another story brainstorm awaits in this post.

Type: Space Opera

The universe expands towards the limitless infinite, rushing outward from the nexus of creation, and humankind, having attained travel through the stars, races to explore all of it.

Chains of light drag starships and even individual people across the vast expanses of space, resulting in a civilization as vast and varied as anyone has ever imagined. Yet alien species still elude human contact, despite the discovery of evidence that they once existed. These species are sought by a university fleet of traveling ships, where our protagonist works as a young professor.

This man was a trained warrior before he joined the traveling university, but now his skills are tested at the site of an apparently abandoned alien megastructure, as strange artificial life forms emerge and attack the study ships.

The university fleet is in danger from the swarms of artificial life forms and their starships. Our hero must clash with bizarre new life forms, college bureaucracy, and other human factions, in order to save the fleet and discover what happened to all the alien species that existed in the universe in distant ages.

* * *

Thought for the day: An empty mind is a happy mind.

Album of the day: The Crane Wife by the Decemberists
This is the first album I heard from the Decemberists, though I have since gone back and listened to much of the rest of their work. It was a few years ago when I first got into this band, and I haven’t listened to them too much because of their lack of metal-ness and just general weirdness. Today I decided to break out the Crane Wife one more time. Favorite song on this one probably the multi-part 12 minute The Island.

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