Late start today. Someone should have set an alarm for me. And by that I mean, I should have set an alarm.

The ball of effectiveness is in my court on getting up early, as well as most of my life. It’s up to me to write enough to get better and create the stories I want to tell. It’s up to me to meet my freelance deadlines. It’s up to me write this blog regularly.

So, effectiveness.

I am in need of focus to get the effects I want. My momentary lapses of focus turn into days wasted, and that has to stop happening. I can take breaks. I can make mistakes. But as it is, I often compound these mistakes by letting them make me discouraged. All the work I get done takes time, and time is the resource I squander the most.

The fight to protect my work time begins now.

* * *

Thought for the day: That which you love, do.

Album of the day: Epica by Kamelot
The first part of an amazing two album retelling of Faust, Epica is not as amazing as the followup, “The Black Halo”, but it is close. These were the albums that introduced me to Kamelot as a band and I still see them as classics of their genre of power metal.


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