I got lazy yesterday. So lazy I missed the blog post. In any case, here I am.

I still have freelance work to do for today. And I’ve been doing some fun (and secret) worldbuilding for some of my own stuff. Lately, every time I find something really interesting to add to a world, or to base a new setting on, I get pretty excited to work with my own stuff again.

All that fun gets put on a queue for when I get done with my freelance work. And I look forward to being able to write for myself again sometime soon. I will proceed with work today. Hope this post isn’t too much of a bore, but I really need to get to the paying labors.

Happy Tuesday! A day that doesn’t get enough regular joy in my opinion.

* * *

Album of the day: Into the Electric Castle by Ayreon
I enjoy this album in spite of the cheesy voiceover between the brilliant songs. It’s a fun concept album with a lot of great voices on it. I’m especially fond of the songs “Isis and Osiris”, “Valley of the Queens” and “Castle Hall”.


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