Memory Crypt

Memories are entombed in the mind like so many future zombies, vampires, or liches are buried in literal tombs. I guess liches wouldn’t be buried, not necessarily at least. But there you go, the undead are like memories. And like the undead, memories can be dangerous to those without the power to control them. No ordinary human possesses the ability to destroy their own memories, at least not completely.

In dungeons and dragons the undead can be ‘turned’ or destroyed by good clerics, and rebuked or commanded by evil clerics. Perhaps there is a way to control memory out there. But I have yet to find it.


I’ve lived a boring life by most standards. Sure, I’ve traveled, but there’s little else to tell. I sort of like that most of the time, but every now and then I remember some of the little disappointments and I have to remind myself how tiny so much of what I’ve lived has been. I want bigger good memories than these little fleabites that eventually bring down the elephant that is my process. I may even have some already, but they’re hard to see through this haze of insects.

Work is what will set me free. My subconscious wants to fear work because of the time it takes, but that time is lost one way or another. I have to spend my time doing productive things or I’ll be slaved to my current situation far longer. If I a lazy I will continue to be lazy. And I must not let that happen. Off to work for another day. And for the future to replace my memories.

* * *

Album of the Day: What If… by Mr Big
This album is one of the newer ones by hard rock band Mr. Big that I’ve heard, and it is a good time. Pretty heavy by their standards too. The first half is cool. The second half (From the song “Once Upon a Time” and onward) is awesome. I haven’t listened to this one enough in the past, but today I’m putting in a listen to remedy that.


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