I worked harder than usual yesterday. Got to do the same thing today. Then I’ll be turning work in, and making headway on my own stuff again. All the hours must be put to good use. All the means and methods must be employed.

When I went to high school I knew how to work at least most of the time. College diminished that more and more with each passing year.

Now I just want to get back to working harder, but I find it difficult. My laziness is well-cultivated.

Time to go.

* * *

Album of the Day: The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath
A classic Black Sabbath album with the legendary Ronnie James Dio on vocals. Lots of powerful and semi-harsh vocals are present, as one would expect from Dio. This has some amazing songs on it and an amazing mood throughout, even if it can get a bit bizarre with a heavy metal song entitled “Country Girl”. But even that one rocks.


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