Meta Saturday

I’ve finally decided to discontinue features, though the only one left was album of the day anyway. Going an album a day exhausted a list pretty quickly, and I feel like I started repeating myself a lot. So from now on it’s just going to be the main post. And today the main post is a metapost.

First things first: It’s been about 100 days since I started trying to blog daily. I intend to keep doing it as best I can. However, I may be delaying blog posts until later each day because I work much better on my main projects first thing in the morning. And boy, do I have a lot of projects to work on, from freelance to personal, to very personal.

Going forward I can see these books, for that is what I’m mostly referring to as projects, taking a lot of time, especially if I want to binge—write them which seems like a very effective strategy for me when I’m able to do it. Interestingly, I’ve had more trouble binge-writing since I went through the middle of college than ever before that. At one time I could sit and write for 8 hours a day with relative ease, and enjoy it. These days something feels wrong when I try that very tactic. I will be looking for more ways to write, as always, but also continue trying to recapture some of that ability to concentrate effort. The work of a day could be so much more than what it has become.

Beyond those two main points, I have plans to look for a real job at some point. Freelancing is alright, but regular money would be nice. Even so, if I get a real job it will be to chase a passion, not simply to make a buck.

I’d also like to try writing poetry again soon. I enjoy poetry a great deal, but my focus on learning prose over the past year has been fairly intense and constricted my writing time to novels and novellas. The other half of the reason is a abysmal amount of time I’ve actually been spending on writing at all. That must be remedied as completely as possible.

Have a good day everyone. I’ll write to you again soon.


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