Words Words, Buzz Buzz

I am powering up my writing rate today. The old goal of 4000 today is still there, but this time I’m going at this with more dedication and a moratorium on a number of the most distracting activities in my day, namely: podcasts and videogames. I can stick to the moratorium, and if I do, I’ll have this book done in a week. One week. That’s pretty fast for a whole bundle of words. The writing schedule is intense and I am ready for it. Luck is not a huge factor here. By reducing the timespan of required focus I also reduce the required amount of lucky days to get the job done. By focusing exclusively on one task I make more progress.

Everything is in readiness. I will power up and roll forward.

In other news, I’m almost done converting all three of my maulerfiends for Warhammer 40,000 from the models they used to represent. I like they’re look a lot. To paint them is the next challenge.


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