Busy Games

Yesterday I spent a lot of time making game and story-setting material. Mostly I used the Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) ruleset, and did some conversion from the Basic Role-Playing system (BRP) into it. I had a random generator for a particular creature in the setting for BRP and I created a converter to turn the output of that generator into FAE statistics.

Then I did some solo gaming, because I wanted to try the setting out. That proved to be pretty fun, but I had to record as I went and recording roleplay is a lot like writing fiction so I didn’t get a whole lot else done.

In any case, no post went up yesterday, and I’m okay with that. I was busy.

Busy is a way I like to be, because if one is not mostly busy one is not active enough. I love working on roleplaying games, and I love running and playing them. This kind of cooperative storytelling is perhaps more interesting even than writing fiction alone. The feedback loop is instantaneous. Even alone, the game is fun. Regardless, yesterday it taught me something.

The work of a day or an afternoon can energize instead of drain me. I think I’ve found my main weekend activity for the time being.


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