A Lack of Danger

My life is pretty comfortable in a physical sense. I don’t have many problems to contend with except for little things here and there. Overall I take this for granted, possibly because I get bored. If boredom is truly, as the Buddhists say, fundamentally a facet of anger then I am very easily angered.

Being easily angered is nothing new for me. I’ve had an issue with anger throughout my life in many ways both obvious and subtle. These days I’ve narrowed down the problems that anger me for the most part, except boredom.

Boredom and lack of danger has led me to places where I get enraged at myself. Such rage is useless. I can cure this boredom by finding ways to involve myself deeper into my work and my play.

I’ve consuming a lot of media by both reading and watching lately. I polished off David Farland’s “On My Way to Paradise” a couple of Animes, and a few smaller things. I’ve been reading a book on world religions. I recently finished Alan Moore’s dystopian graphic novel “V for Vendetta” and it proved as strange at the end as it did at the beginning.

So I haven’t been bored lately. I’ve been interested.

And I plan to stay this way as long as I can.


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