Deactivating Autocorrect

Just a short post today. I just hammered out over 1000 words in a 30 minute period, using a particular formula that I like.

Tim’s Formula for Fast Writing
1. Know the background for the scene and characters. Gives me the tools I need to discover the rest.
2. Do NOT know precisely what happens in the scene, but have a general idea of it. Allows me freedom to discover the scene.
3. Turn off my autocorrect! Don’t go back to edit even small typos or mispelled words. These will all be caught later, and I make so many typos it significantly slows my rate to deal with them as I go. Also, if I go back to fix a typo I think about other things that wrong that should wait for editing.
4. Type like a mad monkey!

The most vital and therefore most explicated part of this formula is the disabling of my own autocorrect functions. I don’t like to leave mispellings and poor sentence constructions in the work, but if I do it I double my storytelling rate. Now, one would say quantity over quality is a poor solution to my problem of not writing enough. But here is the macro-level schedule I’m planning to use today.

Daily Writing Plan (Experimental)
1. Commence Fast Writing until I have a satisfactory amount of story told. Short break every 2 hours at least.
2. Long Break (Do something fun and relaxing for a few hours)
3. Quick-reread and apply fixes to the day’s Fast Writing output.
4. Other work. (Administrative stuff, that kind of thing)
5. End of work day?

I took some time to write this blog post because I think this redefining of my work schedule may be helpful. I’ll let you know in a while if it works out for me.

Until then, enjoy life and do your best!


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