Fun, Part Z

Hello individual readers of the internet. Today I want to take a break from my talk about writing and work and so on to discuss some of the fun things I’ve been up to lately. Today may be a short post.

I recently have been playing more honest-to-god videogames (Not just online magic cards like Hearthstone). Starcaft 2, Starbound, and Bioshock Infinite are all on my current list of games. Starcraft because of its crazy amount of required skill. Starbound is just good fun, though the volcanic place my character beamed down to in the opening has been like hell in more ways than one. Bioshock Infinite I’m just getting started with, but I’m saving my time playing it because so far its my favorite of the three.

Other fun things: Reading. I finished reading the novel “On My Way to Paradise” on my nook. I had it for a while, acquired through a Humble Bundle deal if I recall. I also FINALLY finished reading the graphic novel V for Vendetta on the same day. I gotta tell you, its weirder than the movie. I guess that makes sense. Most comics seem to be weirder than the movies they inspire.

One last fun thing: TV, notably, a show called Rick and Morty. I’ve been catching up on this cartoon over the past week and boy is it good. Lots of crazy science fiction mixed with great writing. This one was co-created by the main guy behind Community, Dan Harmon, and it rocks like the old Simpsons rocked, though a bit more adult in content. Check this one out. It’s free to view on the Adult Swim website and the more I see the better it gets.

So I’ve been reading and watching and playing more. Perhaps that’s why I’m writing more too?

Who can tell? Not me, but I can guess. Happy days have arrived. Heh, almost quoted Streisand lyrics from a song my mom liked to listen to in the car. Funnier things have happened, and continue to happen, daily.

Speaking of days… Have a good one, everybody!


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