Yesterday the plan to finish a novel in one big rush sort of fell through. It fell through because of my own exhaustion after writing over 12,000 words in less than a week prior. So I took a break.

Also, I very nearly went stir crazy because of the lack of people around and my inability to relax for a whole day by myself.

I got a bit of rest, however, so that’s good.

I’m currently reading and playing games and watching TV a fair amount on my breaks. Those three make up the true rest for me.

All in all, I’m quite satisfied with this week as a step for my build up to my desired level of productivity.


One thought on “Rest

  1. go go go! writing sure is hard i mean the oatience and all, but it’s also fun at the same time. 😭 …& they find joy in it!!! hi i’m new to this blogging thing so it would mean alot id you check oug my page and even follow me ( i’ll follow back ) and i’ll also be giving out signed books and other cool things soon!

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