The Big Day

Today I really get back to writing this freelance project. Yeah, the weekend wasn’t nearly as productive as originally planned. Ten Thousand words to go on this rough draft. I’m still well ahead of the deadline on this one.

But it needs to get done sometime, and the sooner the better. Then it’ll be clean up time where I work things out for submission to the client.

I read a pretty good fantasy opening yesterday in the form of the first fifty pages or so of “Promise of Blood” by Brian McClellan. While I enjoyed it, there is a small caveat that I have with all fantasy books that start with a succession of multiple perspectives. This sort of opening can be an effective technique when done properly, and don’t get me wrong, I think McClellan does it well in this book. The characters each get so much less time in an opening where we switch between three of them in the first forty or fifty pages that the style puts me off. It’s a fantasy trope I’m not fond of, though there are far worse ones out there.

Early on in my novel-writing experience I would switch perspectives for poor reasons, so perhaps that is part of the reason I cringe when I see a new character being introduced every chapter even if it works.

The story I’m working on for this client has multiple perspectives too. The issue has been on my mind a lot lately.

Regardless, I am prepared to dive into this freelance today.

Have a glorious day everyone! Fill your time up with good things.


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