Social Hangouts

I’m an introvert by nature, and usually I don’t have much going on socially. But yesterday I had three relatively intense social gatherings in roughly ascending levels of difficulty.

First I ran a game of Dungeons and Dragons. I knew everyone there to start with and there were only a few of us really. So that went off easy. And I got a little alcohol in my system which helped me chill out a little with the next gathering, which happened immediately after the game ended.

A graduation party where I know about four or five people out of as many as a hundred and the people I knew were busy running the whole thing. It was fun, and I got used to it. Things got even better as some of the people started leaving, which gave me less chaos and fewer variables to handle. That worked out.

Last, and arguably the most difficult was the massive RoTaNoWriMo group’s google hangout. I ended up video chatting with probably fifteen people I’ve never met in person and most of whom I’ve never conversed with except in text. Oh, and they were all writers. Actually, that last fact made it so much better. Even so, I felt most comfortable when the size of the group dwindled at different points. I think five or six people is manageable for me, but 10? That’s a lot of people to carry on a conversation. At least we all had plenty in common.

So that’s most of what I wanted to say, but in the second and last instances of my social gatherings yesterday there were substantial differences in age between me and the majority of the other guests. At the graduation party I did my best to avoid the teenagers as I hardly knew any of them, and it would have only been weirder if I had. In the google hangout I had the opposite problem. Most of the people there were fairly advanced in age compared to yours truly. Luckily in this case I look and sound more like someone in their age category than my own. If someone hadn’t claimed no one under thirty-five had been there and if I hadn’t also been unfailingly honest with blurted personal details… well both those things happened to be true.

It’s just a little awkward that people assume I’m not a young guy until I tell them my actual age. That, and then I notice the significant drop in respect I get for being merely in my twenties. That doesn’t seem quite fair to me in writing circles at least. I’ve written 7-8 novels depending on how one counts, as well as a few unfinished novel length chunks. I may not have anything published under my own name, but I have been paid for writing fiction, and I can talk about it as well as most folk, provided I’m not trying to handle a discussion with ten other geeks trying to get their own words in. I’m a bit frustrated about the age thing, as you can tell, but over all the hangout was a lot of fun. Next time it might be good to lead with an introduction.

Oh well, enough rambling.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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