Metal Steeds

[Warning: The post below may seem incredibly silly. Please take all of this with a huge chuck of salt.]

I love my bicycle, and I’ve been using it quite a bit recently, riding all over town. I’ve been riding the bike so much lately it has begun to affect what I want too write. I’m a suggestible guy, especially when endorphins are flowing from exercise.

What do I love about my bike? First of all, it’s powered by me and yet it goes fast. Just an incredible feeling. Secondly, its open topped and I can feel the air rushing by. Don’t underestimate that feeling.

So, in a science fiction or fantasy sense, what would mimic this general concept but in a way that could be more important to a story?

What would a biologically powered vehicle that goes even faster look like?

Perhaps a muscle powered plane, or some such, using either a super powerful pilot, or an amplifier for muscular power that then runs the whole machine. I like the amplifier better. I’ll go with that.

Now, why would humans resort to muscle power in the future? Either all other sources of fuel are exhausted (unlikely) or this is perhaps a different, non-earth setting. Fantasy.

This is getting weird pretty fast.

But forward we march, into the mouth of madness if necessary.

So planes that fly by muscle power. Let’s say they can manage to go at massive speeds, even up to those of current jet fighters, however far-fetched that seems. But he muscle boosters for those are very expensive, being made of rare materials and taking great craftsmanship to design. But the stronger and more practiced you are, the faster you go. Perhaps the society in this fantasy setting simply doesn’t have access to other means of propulsion. All machines run this way. Forget steampunk. This is musclepunk.

Machines powered by pedals. Genetic tampering by science or magic to make stronger humans to power bigger and more powerful machines. Abominations that went too far with the prior sentence.

Who knows… maybe I’ll do something with this eventually.

But in all likelihood I will never get around to it.

Well, it’s Monday. Time to write!


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