Story of a Story: Endline

[My side comments are in brackets from here on out.]

The idea starts out with a vault under the city of Cairo where a person some might consider superhuman is secretly raised from birth. Then the nations of the world start to search for this person’s location and true nature. But is this person a human or something else?

[This is an old idea that sometimes excites me in its vagueness.]

As agencies from different nations pry into the nature of the vault and its occupant or occupants, a handful of operatives are invited by a mysterious source to attend a meeting in the vault itself.

Urged on by their agencies’ desires to find the truth first, the operatives arrive in Cairo and enter the vault, escorted by the guards and agents of their source. They meet the subject of all this rumor and find the person is potentially an end of humankind’s past ways. The power the subject possesses is one that could change humanity completely. But this is unknown to the subject.

He or she seems to be simply a young man or woman, despite phenomenal powers.

And the vault has been the subject’s prison for a young lifetime, with only the guards and source as human connections.

The vault itself is a fortress, and the operatives find they are trapped, just as the subject has always been, in a place of advance technology and countermeasures designed for the next level of human.

From this cavern of mystery a struggle begins to escape the vault, not just for the operatives, but for the subject as well. But if they succeed it could mean the end of civilization.

[So that’s the core of the idea. It feels to me like a classic thriller of sorts, but with science fiction or fantasy elements prominently in my mind.]

[The other element is if this new type of human can reproduce. So I snuck in a potential apocalyptic romance too. Go figure.]

Mystery, conspiracy, and intelligent life surpassing humanity are the themes of this struggle.

[I’m not super fired up about this idea anymore, though. So its likely I see something wrong and just can’t figure it out yet. I have ideas by the dozen, and this is a science fiction ‘chosen one’ story of sorts. I’m not a big fan of that, but I wonder if there is more wrong as well. And by ‘wrong’, I mean ‘wrong for me’ because its all about my own enthusiasm when it comes to starting a long story.]

* * *

A little housekeeping at the end here.

I’m happy to have had so many new subscribers lately. Hope I’m not boring all of you with this kind of post.

I’m still working on one novel, and preparing edits for a novella that will start a series. Freelance is off my back until editing time, and I am enjoying this time to work on my own stuff as well as goof off. Weather is still good for biking here, so I continue to ride frequently.

And its Friday. So happy Friday!


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