Strains of Laziness

I am still waiting to here back from my clients before edits. And sadly the operative word truly seems to be ‘waiting’ because I am not getting as much done as I probably could be doing.

I really need a better sense of a work day.

Things are otherwise pretty nice at the moment, and that makes it hard to consider change. But I need a change.

I’ve got more stories already then I’ll ever be able to write if I stay this lazy. And it hurts to know I won’t get them done in the near future, or even in the foreseeable future.

I’m tired of promising myself tomorrows that go unfulfilled.

A dream deferred is a dream denied. And in this case I am both dreamer and denier, as so many of us are to ourselves.

So I’m going to pick up the work today. It’s still early. Plenty of time and no distractions except the ones I make. I can write like a storm. I wrote not long ago about how fast I churn out words. Its time to put that into practice for my own work, not just that of the freelance.

It’s a Monday today. Time to start playing the part of a person with a job. Or better yet, a person with a drive.


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