Hunting for Solutions

I have a short book, separate from the current work in progress Pillar Universe book, that’s nearly dead in the water at the moment, and I mean still mean to finish it. In order to do this, I’m getting help from some folks to help me re-brainstorm the idea.

Perhaps the story chunk is too ambitious for a short novella to start, and I’ve been having issues with the main character as well.

In any case, I will soon have this sorted. After that I’ll just need to get some good news from elsewhere on the internet and then I’ll be able to unveil a secret.

In the meantime its all pillars all the time.

Oh, and 4th Street Fantasy Convention on Friday. I’m getting excited for that. But part of me is also nervous because I don’t often get to interact with a whole lot of people, and when I have lately I’ve been clumsy about it. Fingers crossed that I’ll have a little bit more suaveness and courage at this con then I had at the retreat last summer.

Got to relax and everything will turn out alright, at least with the writing and the people parts.

Perhaps its my experience of being a jerk for most of my school career that has informed my fear of interaction. I know how bad things can go if I screw up. On the other hand, I don’t generally make the ridiculous mistakes I used to make, so a little boldness wouldn’t hurt. So I’m gonna talk to these people. No more excuses of autism or awkwardness. I’m a human being, just like you are and just like everyone I’ve ever met who isn’t some other species. And the great thing about humans is that we can communicate with each other.

I just need to take that chance.

So for today, I’ll leave you there. Have a good one, folks.


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