I’ve really enjoyed my writing this morning. Just a short scene done so far, but there’s always more where that came from so soon I will return to work.

For now I’m taking a moment to chat with you, to tell you something I tend to forget or sweep under the mental rug as a reflex.

That is:

It is important to take joy in your work. And by ‘your work’ I mean ‘my work’. And my ‘important’ I mean ‘absolutely critical’. I can hammer through a story and not enjoy it. I’ve done it before and the result was uneditable tripe.

If I do not love the part of the story I am working on there could be larger problems at work. But I think even worse, by writing something and spending so much time on a work I do not enjoy, I damage my own drive. I ask myself “What is the point if I don’t like it?” if only subconsciously.

One cannot reap wheat when one plants weeds.

Yesterday I know I was planting weeds in an otherwise excellent (for me) story, so its time to sort out that particular issue with that segment. I encourage you when working on art to ask yourself if you like it. If you don’t enjoy something then odds are others will be able to tell.

In any case, I go to the 4th Street Fantasy Convention tomorrow. So I will be off the blog for a few days. I’ll let you know all about it when I return.

Enjoy your days.


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