I have returned, exhausted and excited so…

…Please forgive my potential terseness.

4th Street Fantasy Convention was amazing. It is now the first convention I have attended. I loved it. I drank a little and talked a lot. I met interesting people and listened to many other interesting people. I think I avoided putting my foot in my mouth most of the time and even when I did not people were understanding. Success, but not based on me so much. Success this time was all through an amazing set of other people.

I am very pleased. And I am very tired. Today I really get back to writing after a break yesterday. I feel confident I can make some tweaks based on what I’ve learned thus far. I am back behind the tip of the spear of my writing work. And I won’t be overconfident because I just got a lot of good reminders of how hard this job can be, as well as how much fun.

Also, Steven Brust’s sweet hat is part of his head apparently. I never saw the man without it over the course of the weekend.

Let me compose myself. It’s Monday. Time to write.

Have a great week, and I’ll talk to you a little later in it.


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