(My older brother is visiting, so that has distracted me from blogging over the past few days)

I often think of how little I get done these days. It’s a bothersome, and very difficult thing, to manage my own time.

I wrote a good sum yesterday. I’ll try to write a lot more today.

But I’m not regular when it comes to writing.

I’m not focused enough, not driven enough. If I am half as driven as I used to be I need to put in three times as much effort to write if I want to keep getting better.

The 4th Street Convention has inspired me in a lot of ways, but I’m still digesting. And my writing group has a lot of useful ideas, but I need to mull them over yet before editing. I’m a bit of a slouch in thinking enough, though.

Perhaps this is because I think too much if I let myself wander free, and lately I have tried to cut down on the negative meanderings I take in that process. I worry that I might be losing a lot of my good thinking time as well. But the truth is I did not get much done when I was thinking too much either. I just possibly had more ideas. I’m not even sure if the more ideas part is true.

The years I’ve been working on writing as my main activity have seen the time I spend on it dwindle. That much is sure, and it isn’t all due to discouragement, though there is a little of that. It’s also partially due to distraction, and worries.

It’s about time I started working for real. A job? Maybe. More writing? That’s the real goal.

This semi-despondent post brought to you by a guy who never shuts up.

Have a good day!


One thought on “Slouch

  1. I haven’t gotten much done in the last couple of days, either. Tomorrow, with no World Cup games on, is scheduled for my next story to really start hitting paper.

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