Wandering Mind

I often have trouble staying focused on one subject, whether it be in prose or simply ideas.

Previously I thought I could not tell myself in which vein to think.

Today I seek to right my approach to this mentality.

How does anyone get anything done if they do not control their mind, at least to a degree? Whether one is building a house or telling a story a kind of focus is necessary to achieve one’s goal.

Focusing on a novel. Focusing on a character. Focusing on a scene. It’s vitally important to maintain this focus over time, or so it would seem.

My 5000 word days are struggles to remain focused. Countless other ideas and stories vie for attention with the current novel despite the months I have spent developing characters and theme and locations. Does anyone understand this? I’m often frustrated because I cannot keep my mind on one story.

But that’s just the challenge of my recent days. It’s also key to enjoy what one is doing.

I hope all of you have a good day!


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