Sunday leads on

A late night. A frustrating dream. An early morning.

The dream, in particular, really through me off.

At least its nice and cool.

I’ve struggled with my motivations for a while. I’ve also been looking for magic bullets to slay literary werewolves way too much. I’ve concluded, possibly not for the first time, that I just need to write more. Period. End.

There at least seems to be nothing else to it.

And thus I will cut down on distractions to increase productivity.

What can I cut down?

Media I consume too much: Podcasts, Video Games, Internet and Conventional Videos
Activities I do too much: ??? (I don’t do much outside of consuming media apparently).

Restrictions: 1 Podcast/day, 3 hours of non-podcast videogames/week, Watch only as many hours of videos as already worked that day

There’s the idea.

I will try this out for a few weeks and try to get things locked into a routine throughout that time.

Fingers crossed that this will work.

Have a good Sunday!


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