A Relaxed Attitude

I’ve been focused pretty hard on writing lately. I’ve been psychically throttling my process with a grip like Darth Vader. So today I begin to relax my grip on the work.

I’ve been building ideas for the Dungeons and Dragon campaign I recently started running, as well as stuff for the much weirder FATE Accelerated Urban Fantasy game I’m running over Skype.

Today I send out another batch of chapters for the writing group.

But more importantly I think its time to paint some more miniatures. One of my Obliterogres for my Chaos Space Marine army is coming along quite a ways, having most of his iron skin and the better parts of both his two main limbs done in red.

The bugs outside are pretty bad, so its biking instead of walking for exercise right now.

So games. So exercise.

But I need to remember to remain relaxed as well.

Today I started brainstorming and working out details for movement on a story I brainstormed with a friend yesterday over the phone. It’s an old superhero idea I turned into a Mutants and Masterminds game in college, which, while fun, didn’t capture what I wanted from the concept.

I have a lot of options. Many tales to tell. This should not stress me. It should help me relax at the moment.
Remember: you are not a machine.
You must work to live and live to work.
Your stresses must not be left to lurk.
Relax yourself. Let your mind fade clean.
So it’s off to play I go.


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