Omnidirectional Book

I have been in process on this book for over 8 months. One of those months I took a break on purpose. Another three I spent writing a book for hire. So really, its more like 4 months of writing time. But the inspiration knows its been 8 and days.

The work of the novel is not normally so intense for me, but this one is longer and a bit more complex than my last two book drafts. Also, I’ve been running it through a writing group to fix things in the earlier chapters while still involved in pressing toward the end. And the book isn’t over yet.

The goal is to finish the book by the middle of this month. 30,000 words or so to go.

And I’m posting this goal here so I can be clear to myself.

I’m enjoying the work almost as much as I did the first month. And I’m engaged with the story, now fully in the fifth act of a massive story that already weighs in at 120,000 words.

Every way I go is forward.

So its time to relax and then go forward.


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