Dungeon’s End

Alright, its Sunday. Sunday is my day completely off work under the current schedule.

I’m relaxing today by working on old ideas, including a Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’ll be continuing with next weekend.

Of course, with the D&D settings I make things have to be weird. I can’t just have the regular D&D race and creature feel to it. Through all the years of playing and running RPGs I have progressively gotten more and more obsessed with stranger settings.

However, I still have the same itch I want scratched by the story of the games I play and the games I run.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who also games with me that helped me realize this. He proposed a very difficult and different kind of game he wanted to run. I told him it didn’t sound very workable, but regardless of how workable or unworkable the idea, it sounded like less fun to me. Perhaps this is the limit of my interest in Role Playing Games.

In any case, the ideas I get excited about are similar to the original ideas I as interested in when I started playing.

Perhaps this is also true for the friend with whom I had the discussion mentioned above, and he only has different interests.

I suspect that my introspection in this regard is, to an extent, futile.

Part of me knows all the thought I put into these little details is not helpful. I don’t make much progress through it toward making myself happier. In any case, RPGs are sometimes good for adventuresome design, but usually I just want to game more often than do something unusual for an RPG. Possibly this is because I have not been gaming enough lately.

Anyway, I’m out.

Have a great day!


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