Beginnings (Part 1 of 11)

Welcome to processing day, first of 11 posts because when I start doing linked posts I don’t go halfway.

Why 11 posts? Because I am writing a book in 10 days with a two day break in the middle. Each post will be about how I feel prior to starting my words for that day. The book itself is a freelance project I was commissioned to do, so specific subjects within the book are off limits for discussion.

With that said, let’s get started with beginnings.

I’ve already got a lot of pre-writing available to me with this project, and I’ve gone over it all multiple times. The characters and story concepts are almost all down for this work.

Starting a book is easy for me. Sometimes starting a session can be more difficult, but kicking off a book is easy. I like to start new stories. I’m pretty good at getting words down before much is established for readers. For whatever reason I have a harder time the more story lies behind me.

But at the beginning I often get carried away with the newness and differences of the story. I am not laboring with things I need to remember to work things out.

I’m not sure how relatively quality my openings are, when compared with the rest of my stories. I’ve recently been getting feedback that the later parts of the books I’ve submitted to my writing group have been better than the earlier chapters. I’m writing those chronologically, so perhaps it’s a matter of my skills improving rapidly (Here’s hoping!) but if that’s not it, then I bet I’m actually doing better because I’m thinking more in the later chapters.

Interesting challenges await with this new opening.

I’m gonna get to it.

Have a great day!


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