Initial Struggles (Part 2 of 11)

I didn’t quite put in the hours to write all the words I’d planned yesterday. Things are still fine, but I got seriously distracted by a lot of different stuff. Today I’m tired after a late night, and I will write anyway.

The progress I made yesterday was not insignificant, a bit over half of the initial goal for the day. As long as I jump up to full production level today and stick with it the book won’t be delayed at all.

I’m ready to churn out words, though it took most of the day yesterday to figure out the main character and the main setting in my mind. Now I have to figure out the other two or three perspective characters, but other than that I don’t see a lot of stumbling blocks to the process from this point.

Pursuing this speed-writing is important to me. If I stumble its because I’m rushing things and trying to avoid necessary pre-writing. And I do mean NECESSARY, because a lot of pre-writing I’ve done in the past just is not important to the story.

I’m waking up. I’ll be hitting the lines soon, going back out to the psychic battlefield where words are born.

This initial struggle is all for day by day birthing of story. I will break through, tired or not, distracted or not, inspired or not.

Have a good day everyone!


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