Back to Work Anniversary (Post 7 of ??)

Monday. Time to hit the ghostwriting work hard.

Also, July 21st. The anniversary of my founding this blog is upon us.

It’s been a rocky road. I think most people know what its like to post things online and get zilch for views. That’s been the story of this blog early on. I’ve been upping the quality over time, though, and I’ve seen more and more people reading. Here’s to more years of this place! And beyond!

I’ve posted a lot recently, but it took a long time to get my mind in gear.

All minor internet festivities aside, I’m happy this morning and happy to be doing what I’m doing these days.

I get tired sometimes, and then I get cranky. But in the morning, my mood is very regular. Too often I let the negative feelings of the moment expand and control my outlook for a day or a week. I am sometimes hard-pressed to get out of funks, as you all know by the days I posted in such messes. But I have concluded one thing: It’s all about talking to people.

I love to talk to people, and I’m finding more and more that I kinda need to talk to people. I need to talk to maintain my good mood, for whatever reason. Maybe its because I’m social. Maybe its because I need to externalize my feelings to keep them stable.

Regardless, I’m socializing more. And I feel more and more regular as I do.

So happy Monday. Happy anniversary blog. And have an excellent week!

I’ll be writing here. And I’ll also be writing like a ghost.


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