Slowed and Spinning (Post 8 of ??)

Okay, I’m having a hard time getting back into the freelance project.

I should have known I’d have a hard time returning after 4 days on break. My work is important, so I’ll do it. I just don’t want it to take forever and drag down the profit margin. I’m not being paid by the hour, after all.

Anyway, that anxiety is probably part of what’s been slowing me. And I keep thinking about my own stories, my most common of afflictions.

So I’m gonna try to work out the way to return here.

1 – Emphasize what excites me about the freelance project.
2 – Start writing and see where it goes.
3 – No timers. Work without expectation of finishing.
4 – Relax. Meditate if necessary. Focus and relax at the same time.

Those all seem like good steps, though I’m not entirely sure of the order.

It’ll work out. I tried yesterday, but distractions dominated. And my day rushed past. Not to say it was a bad day, but it was stressful because I constantly felt my own lack of focus on the work. So I think its time to rearrange those earlier parts:

1 – Relax
2 – Emphasize the exciting parts
3 – Start Writing
4 – No Timers

I’m gonna try it when I’m done here. I’ll try to remember to tell all of you how it goes.

Have a good day!

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