A Defined Goal (Post 9 of 9)

I admit I’ve been lazy for most of the time I originally aimed to work on this book. I need to get things in gear for real. But I know there are great problems in my life that need to be addressed even as I keep working on this and other projects.

I have gotten used to denying myself two of the things I most love and need to do. These things are reading, and of course writing. I think with my slowed pace of reading over the last few years I need to rehabilitate my reading habit. When I manage to read, it feels amazing. But I am, perhaps, overstimulated by my imagination when I read. I put the book down, too easily satisfied.

The same thing is true for me in writing fiction. I gotta be hungrier, more selfish, and more indulgent towards literature. I love to read and to write. I think I’ve gotten used to filling my time with activities less intense and less powerful. I still like intensity, but I think I may be afraid of change and how powerful these activities are for me. Ridiculous, I know.

Perhaps the solution is to force myself to keep going instead of giving up to intensity. The solution is to change and grow with the stories I write if thats wht it takes.

Even, no especially, the ghostwriting gigs demand more of my attention. I can learn things even from stories I did not generate whole-cloth. In fact, I must do learn, or the work is not going to benefit me enough, even considering the monetary compensation.

All this is to say, I am ending this silly sprint. I am beginning a new daily challenge. To write for more time than I listen. To read more often than I watch. Story is afoot. My ideas are running amok, and I have work to do. What am I waiting for?

It’s Wednesday. I hope everything goes well for you today. And I hope you’ll wish me the same.


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