Becoming More Gentle

I am pretty hard on myself sometimes, especially when it comes to writing.

Among other things, this can slow down my process, or paralyze me with fear.

On a recent reread of one of the later chapters of The Artist’s Way, I began to realize how harsh I can be in my own mind. I don’t need to inflict pain on myself to achieve things. In fact, self-inflicted emotional pain can slow me down. So its time to be gentler with myself.

This gentleness doesn’t mean being less critical, but I think it means having less expectation for how I should be at any moment. A clear mind can accept reality, rather than constantly trying to force an ideal existence. Existence is not ideal. I have to accept what are not precisely limitations, but rather where I am at currently. A state of being. A level of skill. An amount of endurance.

From the point of acceptance perhaps things can change. And I can change.


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