Anniversary Eve 2014

I started writing seriously at some point in August 2004. I celebrate the entire month as my anniversary of writing.

At risk of being redundant, today is July 31st, the eve of my month-long anniversary. And I am traveling back to the place where my parents came from prior to moving to the midwest. This comes at the same time as a revival for my personal fiction in the midst of a few ghostwriting projects.

I am on vacation as of this afternoon.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be posting here. But posts will likely be brief after this one.

Ten years ago next month I started writing. Today I am getting paid for writing.

My work has not been pointless in any regard. I am writing. I am working. All I need to do is keep this stuff up.

I’ve focused a lot on speed at times. I’ve focused on the negative far more than I should. That’s one should I have no problem using to discourage the continued symptoms.

Time passes regardless of how much writing I do. Writing can happen regardless of how much time I have, in a day, or a week, or a month. And writing is important to me, regardless of the reaction it recieves. This is a reminder for myself, really, but I think its important to share it. It feels right.

If you’re a writer, help celebrate my decade of writing by making something of your own.

Have a good day!


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