I write this post having once again stumbled into the same old problem: I have an immense amount of work I want to get done and I find it intimidating to look at even one of these books as a whole piece. Thus they start feeling bigger and bigger as I write them. And I burn out upon the completion of any of them.

Apart from my vast amount of projects, I feel pretty good. And sometimes having so many ideas is comforting, so the glass is definitely half-full this morning.

I have battered down the idea barrier. Of the three barriers I think this is the easiest for me.

The three barriers to completion as a I see it:
1 – Idea
2 – Skill
3 – Effort

Ideas are easy for most writers, but without them there can be no story.

Skills are vital to producing work. Quality may be subjective, but skills are necessary to convey information in a way that produces the desired effect.

Effort is the toughest for me. Effort means working through problems. Effort means working even when one doesn’t want to work in the moment. Effort is key because even when things are easy it is possible too become lazy.

In a talk done by the Buddhist Nun, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, she discusses the ‘perfection’ of effort and how one may appear to become effortless through practice. However, effortlessness is achieved only through intense effort and focus.

A goal of mine in the past has been to become published. That’s sort of a silly goal in this day and age, what with the number of writers who do perfectly well with self-publishing and ebooks and other such means of delivering the book.

So I have a new goal that is similar to a different, older goal.

I want to be a writer.

And a writer is only a writer when he or she writes.

So I will make an effort to write. As much as I can. And the goal is to be satisfied with effort alone.

Have a good day, a happy Saturday!


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