Gotta Be Today

Yesterday I got a lot of good stuff done, including outlining two stories, and going back to Perdido Street Station by China Mieville and being pleasantly surprised at how easy the reading seemed.

I worked for 3 hours straight on the outlines, which easily added up to over four hours of work even with all the movement entailed by being around so many extended family members.

So yesterday was a good day.

And today my twin brother arrives in town. I expect today will be pretty swell for that reason, and possibly others.

I have a hunch I won’t be getting much work done. Perhaps today is when my vacation will really begin.

In other news, I am spinning up my enthusiasm for the book I’ve been stuck on for the better part of a month. And I’ve got freelance projects to return to when vacation is over. There’s always more to do when I’m in a decent (or better) mood.

Also, a note on Perdido Street Station. I’ve been trying to finish this book for years. I think the real problem is I got it when I was just becoming an English Major, and I got inundated with literature I never enjoyed that much. This book has some literary traits, but with definite fantasy crazy-awesomeness as well. It’s gritty and dark and I really want to finish it one of these days.

Who knows, maybe this time my read of it will take?

Have a good Sunday!


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