Hungry Enough

As sometimes happens when I travel, I have begun to grow more excited about fiction. This probably happens due to all the reading and thinking I have time for on these sorts of trips.

I’m back at my pillar universe novel, though I’m doing work back toward the beginning of the book, so I’m only getting closer to ‘the end’ by virtue of needing this stuff to keep pushing later.

My freelance work is still backburnered until I return home, but boy has my brain been storming lately. Even so, very little ‘real’ work will get done until my brother goes back to his city. Because games must be played and relaxation must be had.

Feeling good this morning. Jump at the work.

Perdido Street Station has gotten substantially more exciting after page 150 or so. It was always interesting, but things finally feel like they’re moving as a story. So that’s wonderful.

Have a great day everyone!


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