Temporary Wisdom Damage

Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes large, and sometimes small.

Sometimes I feel like a mistake compounds my prior errors.

A loss of wisdom results in more problems.

And I frequently see this in writing and out. Lately I have been feeling more excitement for writing, but frequently excitement introduces a feeling that I need to hurry into the equation. That feeling is like a symptom of the third edition Dungeons and Dragons term: Temporary Wisdom Damage.

Wisdom Damage is ability damage in D&D terms, because Wisdom is one of the six basic ability scores.

With lower wisdom, one sees and hears less clearly; one has weaker will, and less common sense. There are other issues as well that come from temporary wisdom damage, but less common sense makes up the majority of my problem.

In D&D, Wisdom is also used for some spellcasting, and some skills. Personally, I think writing fiction as a task involves all three of the classic D&D mental abilities, not just Wisdom, but Intelligence, and Charisma. Intelligence is for structure. Wisdom is for character. Charisma is for execution of character traits, the acting side of writing.

Unlike D&D magic however, I don’t think all writers need to be exceptional in all three regards. We just need to be functional at one or two and shine to show we shine at the other two or one.

That’s my hope at least.

Because unlike D&D, in reality choosing what to be good at it is not as simple as assigning numbers.

I still think we can choose what we’re good at. Because we can choose what we practice.

And what we practice is what we improve.

I hit the road again today. Have a good day, everyone!


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