About Feelings

I’ve posted a fair amount about feelings on this blog, and a lot of that lately as well.

I’m still in what I would consider a rut as far as my own work. But I have begun writing again on it for serious. If I have to divide my attention, that is fine. If I don’t have to divide my attention too much I’ll be happy too.

A lot of good things have been going on for me lately. I’m doing some more work outside of fiction. I have my brother over and have been enjoying gaming a bunch. All in all, I think I overreacted with that previous post.

I have a bad habit of accentuating the negative in my life. Sometimes that results in bad things. But I got multiple people asking if I was alright and wanting to help through various means of response due to that blog post.

Just the sense of concern really helps me. I deal with some mild form of depression regularly. In large part this is probably due to the deficiency in the amount of time I have with other people socially.

I’m doing alright. But the key element, for me at least, is to keep doing stuff.


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