Time to Heat Up, Not Burn Out

My vacation is just about over, and I’ll soon be back to more regular posts and more regular writing and freelancing.

I have a certain amount of trepidation at the incoming pressures of ghostwriting and fact-checking because I also don’t want to lose my sense of progress on the current book. But I think I can handle the stress with some of the thought techniques I’ve been working on.

First and foremost of these techniques is the reminder to ‘play’ in the process of work.

It won’t matter for the fact-checking, but that’s fine. I just need to play in the course of writing to keep from burning out. Ideally playing around while I write will give me more than stamina. It could give me enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is, in my experience, far more powerful than endurance. If one is enduring one still often being worked down little by little. But if one is enthusiastic and finds ways to enjoy the task then it should be not problem to work six, eight, ten hours a day.

I have enthusiasm to tap into, yet I’ve frequently made mistakes in thinking I can only work when excited. That’s foolish and nothing gets done when I make that mistake. No, I should work even when I don’t want to, and then find a way to enjoy the work.

Writing, especially, is not a fight to the finish. It is my career, so it isn’t knocking down a mountain, it is building one.

So there I go, but I think I may be onto something with the plan.

Could you tell I thought I had nothing to write about when I started this post?


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