A furry animal that moves extremely slowly. An animal probably named after one of the so-called seven deady sins.


I am not paralyzed. I am slothful, in all of the four main activities I really need to be engaged in at the moment.

These four activities are:
1 – Writing (Or other mentally focused work, because this is my job and when I’m not fooling myself this is also my passion)
2 – Reading (Because a reader must read)
3 – Exercising (Because I need to be healthy)
4 – Painting Miniatures (Because it kinda hurts to have so many unfinished)

These four activities are in no real order, though painting is by far the lowest in priority. The two in the middle equal in priority. And Writing/Work is the most pressing concern of mine.

So I can’t afford to be a sloth.

I can’t afford to play videogames all day.

I can’t afford time staring into space like some kind of catatonic, which I still sometimes do.

I can’t afford time on social media such as facebook when I need to be working.

When I say “I can’t afford” I mean it literally. I don’t have income without work. Time to get to it.

Today may be Sunday, but I am not resting.


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