Justified Confidence

I’ve been rereading some recent parts of my current work in progress in an attempt to resynchronize with the story. So far, the most recent readthroughs are really pretty good. And my confidence needs to see stuff like this to keep growing.

I’m not a very a brave individual if you ask me. At one point, however, I paid virtually no heed to the idea that I could mess up. That could be construed as courage, but in hindsight it was probably courage combined with ignorance. Without knowing how bad I could mess up, and how bad I really was, I was able to get work written quite quickly. I got a lot of practice.

The failing of my present is overthinking, rather than my past problem of general underthinking. Since I read this recent material that made me feel like I’ve done pretty well, I realized I didn’t benefit from overthinking any of this stuff. But I still have more knowledge and skill than I once did, and that is very evident in my latest prose.

But prose is only half of the reason I got a confidence boost from these little successes. The other half of the reason is that the story seems clearer than almost anything I’ve ever written over the past 10 years.

Progress makes me confident. I’m not bashing my head into a brickwall, no matter how much I feel like that sometimes.

So have a great day.

I’m going back to work.


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