Misconceived Friendships

For a long several years I had assumed I was an introvert, but it recently occured to me that in the isolated place that I am, I may be shy but I require social interaction for energy. That makes me an extrovert I think.

Semantics aside, I think this is an important distinction to make. I can’t simply cloister myself alone and be happy. Nothing gets done if I don’t do that.

I think this explains my lack of energy. I’m not terribly depressed. But I’m starved for social energy.

Yet, I’m very much fine where I’m at in a lot of ways.

In addition to that, I think writing can be a social activity if seen as a conversation.

So I have concieved a challenge to find a way to make writing fill some of that social void.

The challenge is simple:

Treat the book like a friendship.

I prefer spending time with friends one or two at a time, so one book at a time. But I’m always eager to talk with my friends.

That’s the core idea. I know it sounds pretty strange. Now I’m off. Got work to do, and books to hang out in.


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