Smells like Agency

I got tired out pretty fast yesterday for lack of sleep the night before. But today I’m rested up and ready to write.

Today I’ve got the power to do as I direct myself to do. That is to say, today I have agency.

When I’m tired I often get depressed. When I’m happy I often goof off.

Doesn’t matter.

Today, as with all days where I am not trapped in a haze of exhaustion, I have the power to control my actions. And lucky for me, my actions are the most important part of my day. I can choose to do my work. I can choose to keep writing after I’ve finished the day’s freelance wordcount. I can choose, and I will choose to these things.

So often I feel like I don’t have a choice. Thats a lie I like to tell myself. I can choose to goof off. Or I can choose to really work. Perhaps I must think in those terms to assure I fulfill my goals.

Anyway. I hope your day goes well.


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