I’ve been too serious for some time. And now I’ve finally gotten the reminder that I’m allowed, perhaps even required, to suck in the first draft. That is the extent of my revelations from yesterday.

It’s time to be silly. And weird. Prepare for weird.

From the depths of the sky, we descend into mentality.
Dreams are madness confined to sleep.
Run along now, by reservoir. A drain overflowing,
Leaves floating in the blood, and scenes of horror reflected.
Punishment is upon us!
But do not despair, I tell you now.
From fear to flame, the fury of fun is fierce to behold.
I’m embarking on a new journey.
A new journey. Alone.

So be brave. So be ferocious.
Be smart. Be vital.
Ferocity and love flow through human minds,
And together they are different things, at once the same.
Be secure in the way we are,
And go onward into a new day.


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