Challenges, and how to Over-complicate Them

Okay, so I said the posts would be short for a while. Guess I lied.

I had some thoughts last night, mostly while I watched Sean Plott (Of talk about a high school crush in a video from around a year ago. He mostly made fun of how overcomplicated he and other high schoolers made asking people out. I find that video hilarious. But I also found it helpful for my thinking last night.

Naturally I turned the concept of overcomplication to writing. Between my schedules and emotions about fiction I have overcomplicated my writing process. So I have a guide, tongue in cheek, on how you too can overcomplicate any task you are doing.

Step 1: See your Emotions as Obstacles
-Don’t ignore how you feel, but and constantly question if you like your work enough to keep doing it.

Step 2: Get Wrapped up in the Morality of What You are Doing
-If you question whats right when trying to work, your work SLOWS down immensely.

Step 3: Make an Unrealistic Plan of Action
-Because biting off more than you can chew is a sure way to choke.

Step 4: Invent problems that aren’t Real
-Because if you don’t have enough trouble you can always make more!

Trying to keep this brief. This is just about what I’ve got.

But my point with all this is that I’ve done all these things lately. And its silly. So I’m gonna work my way through the overcomplication and keep writing. Hopefully I’ll learn to stop overthinking things.


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