Clean and Polish… later

I’m writing on a newish story at the moment, working title is ‘Clean’. Interestingly enough, the title does not describe the quality of the current draft, but never mind that, it’s still early in the process.

Polish is a last step, nothing to worry about during a rough draft.

I’ve made this mistake more times than I can count lately, going back to edit and tweak before finishing the rough draft. Perhaps this is a major factor as to why I’ve only completed one personal novel in the pat two and a half years.

My work isn’t THAT bad that I need to go back and tidy it up so often. Quite apart from that I lose all kinds of morale when I tweak before finishing a first draft. So editing in process is a major issue. I’ve been doing it on the long-running novel I have yet to finish. And that has to stop. I CAN finish that book, but only if I keep plowing forward.

Today is Sunday. A good day to take some time and think. But I have to keep working too. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do.

Have a good day!


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