Another Anniversary

Today is September 11th. Thirteen years ago today, I got into my first serious trouble in alternative school when I attacked another kid after watching planes hit the World Trade Center. I eventually got along with the guy I attacked, and most of the kids in alternative school for that matter.

I guess I’m feeling a bit sad, given the continued war in the world resulting from that day.

But enough politics. I’d left alternative school before I started really writing, but the experience remains with me. It’s now over half my life ago, and I have changed as much since then as I had between my birth and then.

Time is a steady grind.
Time never lets us down.

But time doesn’t change some things very quickly. An individual life flows fast. The life of a civilization is far slower, and the life of the species is almost immeasurably vast. Humankind still rules the earth.

Who rules humankind?

I don’t know, but whether there is a simple answer to that or not, I doubt it has changed much over our history.

I ramble.

Have as good a day as you can, on a day like today.


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