I care about more than writing and my own productivity (I know, shocking as those two seem to be the only things I talk about on this blog). Granted, I struggle the most with writing at the moment, but my immediate family is tops on the list of people I care about.

But its not easy to be friends with people who have had to put up with me since I was a child. They make assumptions about my tone and temper that are outdated, but result in actual anger which is wholly current and entirely my fault.

I any case, I also think the biggest problems I have in my mentality all stem from my continued lack of independence. I don’t know when I’ll be able to live on my own, though I’m getting closer. I don’t know how steady I can work for money. So I have to deal with the situation as it has developed.

My situation embarrasses me, though I know many other people my age are experiencing similar situations. I guess talking about the issue on this blog is as bold as I’m going to be in dealing with my feelings.

I am too temperamental, live too much inside my head.

As of today I think I’ll try something for a short while to increase my openness and productivity at the same time. Full accountability on this blog.

Starting today, and for the next week (for starters), I will post a brief update on the blog every time I take an extended break from writing fiction during the day. These status reports will include a wordcount, and my mental state. I’m on the honor system here, but any real amount of time off writing will result in a status report.

I want to see if this works, and thank you if you choose to stick with me through it. I hope this doesn’t qualify as too much spam.

In any case, thank you for reading. Have a great day!


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